Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Celebrity guests

All these celebrities have stayed with us and some are more well known than others:

Sean connary- best know for the james bond films (he was a lovely person)
Angelina Jolie- best know for being in the tomb raider films and the partner of Brad Pitt
Cheryl Cole - Girls Aloud singer and x factor judge
Kesha- American pop Singer

These are just a few of the top people who have passed through our doors
Some people think that being a waitress is a nice job after seeing movies where they meet some millionaire and live happily ever after but its just not like that, the hours we work are horrible 7am-2pm then back at 6.30pm-12pm its really hard to have a social and private life around these hours of work.
Im not sure if ive mentioned im taking a gap year so this year im basically working full time hours for 4.93 an hour i honestly think that kind of wage is discusting considering how hard we work and the efford we put in but enough with the moning.
Our new manager well he can only be described as a cross between dame edna and lilly savige he is the most flamboyant and in your face person you would probably ever meet on the other hand he isnt the best person ive worked for; well to be honest he is the worst ive ever worked for nothing is ever good enough for him and your best is never good enough for him.
Imagine being a small fish in the middle of a big pond thats exactly how i felt when starting work at the hotel, i was just 16 at the time and had never worked in a hotel before, at the time i was still in college so only worked part-time.
Since working in this industry ive developed a new found respect for hotel and leisure personel they are the people who make sure everything is perfect for you , they put up with complaining guests, bagage going missing , celebrity demands, you name it they deal with it.
With working in the industry ive seen alot of funny things happen things you would never belive could happen in a hotel, the most recent one was a group of actors from a well known british soap arriving at the hotel they did nothing but demand this and demand that but the best bit was comming into work this particual morning with the staff all gosiping about the antics of the previous night a well known star from the soap was caught on CCTV in the leisure facility with 3 more cast members in the sauna doing what was described by one of the managers as gymnastics.
People would never belive the type of things we see .

All about this blog

Firstly you will probably want to know abit about me; well my name is not cindy trevelian* i cant tell you my real name, i have been working in the hotel industry for 3 years in a 3* hotel and have seen many things happen, i am a waitress/bar tender and for the most part i really like my job but as many people will tell you things never quite work out the way you want them to.
I cant name the hotel i work at but i work in a country house hotel which has been the hotel of choice for many a celebrity or two. This blog is about all the things that happen to me and the working life of a waitress its about what happens what is seen and the gossip about behind the scenes.
Do you know what the chef's get up to in the kitchens? or what the waitresses think behind their smile? this blog will be more of a diary and will be all true the only thing that will change is the peoples name's.
Well i hope you continue to have as much fun as i will writing this blog as you will have reading it .xx